Evolving the way parcel pricing is done

Onrout creates a win-win for shippers and carriers by turning carrier network efficiencies into shipper cost savings.

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Two workers handling the parcel delivery, one of them using a tablet

Unlocking efficiencies for businesses

Onrout for Shippers

  • Name your price for every parcel and unlock pricing you would never get from a traditional rate card
  • Save time going back and forth with carriers negotiating rates
  • See an all-in cost - no surcharges, no extra fees
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For Carriers

  • Optimize your network and offer the price that makes sense for your business
  • Offer an alternative pricing solution to shippers looking for aggressive rates
  • Create network efficiencies, increase capacity usage, and reduce routes and stops
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How it Works

Traditional parcel pricing is based on distance (zones), size and weight. For most shippers, a package going anywhere in a zone - whether urban, suburban, rural - will be the same rate.

Step 1

A shipper sets a target price per piece along with the package details: weight, dim, pickup location, destination, must arrive by date

Step 2

Onrout sends the package details through to the carrier and they bid on that piece with the best price they can offer

Step 3

If the carrier’s best price is below the shipper’s target price, the carrier is awarded the package, a label is sent to the shipper at the target price, and the carrier delivers the package at the desired deliver by date

Step 4

If the carrier doesn’t meet the target price, the shipper sends the package with their reserve carrier at a preset rate card price.

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